How to Get $40,000 Income From Every
$100,000 in Your Portfolio Without Higher Risk
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How to Not Lose Money, Even When A Trade Goes Wrong
How Return on Capital Helps You Make Trading Decisions
Case Study: Trading Tactics Produce $3,710 Cash Income
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Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program Schedule:
Announcing: Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program
Coaching Begins Monday, July 30th, 2018
Your Six-Figure Portfolio Master Class is a 5-week live, interactive coaching program which teaches you options selling strategies and tactics so you can get up to $40,000 in annual income from every $100,000 in your portfolio.
What is the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program?

It is a 5-week live and interactive coaching program designed for larger portfolio investors to address real-world income problems they face:

1. "Cash" is "Trash."

2. No low-risk, safe choices for investing your money.

3. Lack of training or education to know how to combat low-return or zero-return markets.

4. Sitting on the sidelines concerned about a looming market crash.

We'll meet 2 times each week: one coaching session and one live trading session during the five weeks.
The goal of the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching program is to give you the knowledge, the tools, and the tactics to produce higher than average income from your portfolio.

You get the “Core Essentials” to unique, proprietary tactics and strategies that you can put to work immediately.

You'll come away with the confidence to leverage your six-figure portfolio with unique, yet safe, options selling strategies that can double, triple even quadruple, your current income flow.

IF you want to turn the promise of generating $40,000 for every $100,000 in capital in your portfolio into a REALITY, you need to Reserve a Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program Seat today.

When you complete the Six-Figure Portfolio Master Class,You'll have the strategies and tactics to use to make significantly higher income a reality and most importantly, you'll have the CONFIDENCE to put what you learn into immediate action.

And I’ll teach you in just FIVE weeks. No long-term commitments, no annual $5,000 or $10,000 program…
Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Ticket Includes:
3 Night Live Boot Camp Sessions
to prepare you for long-term success and arm you with the tools you'll need!
4 Live, Hands-On Coaching Sessions
so you master every strategy and tactic to reach your $40,000 goal with weekly interactive coaching sessions.
4 Live Trading Sessions so you create income during the coaching program and put into action what you learn IMMEDIATELY!
 All of the tools, calculators, assessments, surveys and more
You'll Also Get:
Private Access to my Private Coaching Email In-Box!
Get your questions answered fast when you have access to my private email box ONLY for Six Figure Portfolio Coaching members
Member’s Only Website
Access EVERYTHING you need in our brand new member’s only website, including all recordings of the live sessions, all the strategy guides and downloads, trade recommendations and more..
Recordings of every single session we hold together
Self-Assessment Survey
Risk Assessment Survey
Income and Goal Setting Tool
Capital Allocation Worksheet
Put Option Calculator Covered
Call Option Calculator
Imagine the Confidence You'll Have Just Five Weeks From Now
to Generate More Income For Yourself.
Reserve Your Six-Figure Portfolio
Coaching Seat Today!
Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program
Helps You "Earn" While You "Learn"
 This is the only coaching program that can provide you with an IMMEDIATE return on your education investment while you're IN the program.
Recent Income Gains Per Coaching Session
(With 3 Contracts Per Trade)
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Class of February 2018
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Success Stories from Other Six-Figure Portfolio Students...
I want you to be the next one featured here.
"I started trading the OIB suggestions in January of 2015, and then I signed up for the Six Figure Portfolio Coaching and then the CCB program. During the 2015 calendar year I had 138 trades, for a net profit of $68,164!"
Bill, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"Michael, I've been busy with my calculator this morning trying to determine my approximate income so far with your new Six Figure Coaching Program... Well, I am averaging 35% on an annual basis. Wow. I am truly amazed!"
Daniel, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"In the short period since I took your class, I earned nearly $10,000 using all of your suggested techniques – working with only 2 stocks (AAPL and NFLX). Thanks again!"
Hardy, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"Since I attended the program, I essentially sell calls on all of my positions, and on a yearly basis, my results are really great (over 40%). Thank you very much!"
Christian, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"Hi Michael, I am finishing up your 6 figure portfolio coaching and live trading sessions. Want to tell you it's been a revelation and has transformed my trading and wealth building. Big thanks for that!"
Nic, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"Here's to you, Michael. A word of thanks for your efforts, preparation and recommendation of (VLO). Your patience and followup made this trade the most profitable trade since joining your program for me. Thanks and keep up the good work."
Henry, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"This program has provided multiple methods using calls and puts and has given me a mindset and confidence to supercharge my earnings. Since the program began, I have earned multiple times the program price."
Phil, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"I learned safe techniques to increase my income significantly and made over 4 times the cost of the program in one month. Plus, Michael gave us a calculating tool that is worth the price of the course right by itself. My grade: A+."
Anne, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"This week I have netted $5,967 in cash and dividends from a $150,000 portfolio. I typically was averaging less than $250 a month in cash and dividends. The few calls I was selling were way out of the money and yielded low returns. The big take away from your coaching: Always Collect Cash!"
Barry, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
"Although my positions are usually small (3-5 options at a time), I managed to bank $1,800 dollars today. I would never have even thought of doing these trades were it not for your great coaching sessions. Thank you so much for making me a more efficient trader and for sharing all of your street smarts."
Dan, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Graduate
Frequently Asked Questions
When does this coaching program start?
The next coaching program starts with the first Boot Camp Session on Monday, July 30, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The first coaching session will be held on Monday, August 6, 2018 at 7:00pm Eastern Time.
When are the live trading sessions being held?
Those are typically held at 12 PM Eastern Time (New York) the day following each coaching session. If any changes to the schedule above, you will be notified.
Are the sessions being recorded?
YES! You’ll get access to a private membership site where you can watch the recordings for each and every session as many times as you’d like, so you can go back to review and practice every tactic and strategy as you see fit.
When does the coaching expire, and do I keep access to all recordings after that?
The five-week coaching program ends on August 30, 2018. You will, however, keep access to all recordings and materials for as long as you remember your username and password. And if you forget – we'll be happy to sort it out for you!
Are there additional costs involved?
No, there are no additional costs involved for the coaching program – only profits to be made from the strategies he’ll teach you every week.
I have a portfolio of $50,000, can I still benefit from your program?
Yes, you can – but keep in mind that this program is specifically designed for investors with larger portfolios, and with a portfolio of less than $100,000 you may not be able to fully benefit from the strategies and trades recommended due to capital management.

Meet Your Instructor, Michael Shulman

Michael Shulman is a 30 Year Veteran of the financial markets – as a trader, a financial analyst, a financial writer and most recently as an educator.

He has published two books – Sell Short and Made in America – both of which can be found on, and he is a frequent contributor to reputable financial sites like Seeking Alpha, MSN, MainStreetInvestor, and Traders Reserve.

Most importantly, since 2010, he has dedicated himself to teaching income investors how to get more income from their portfolios using simple yet safe options selling strategies which produce income every week. 

His trade recommendations in his Options Income Blueprint, Covered Call Blueprint, Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching and Income Masters services maintain a 98% success ratio, meaning his trades produce the expected income 98% of the time. No one's perfect.
Michael Shulman
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